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GP Zone

Dear Doctors,
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the project, which is addressed to UK patients and their doctors.
Patient Choice International Ltd provides service for patients seeking immediate and economical medical treatment. This way, the project provides a valuable alternative to NHS waiting lists on one hand, and to expensive private medical care on the other.
By presenting this information to you and hence to your patients we make sure that more people are given a choice to benefit from now easily accessible medical care abroad. Taking the pressure off the NHS will result in more people having an easier access to medical care in UK. This will also benefit other patients as well as the NHS.
Our service includes providing the information and liasing with the professionals from various hospitals, dental surgeries or health spas that offer best quality, yet affordable medical, dental or other medically related treatments.
We have established the service in Poland because it offers very low cost treatments while being within the reasonable proximity (2h-2,5h flight). The Price Guide on our website illustrates the level of cost of the few most commonly requested procedures.
We hope that having familiarized yourself with the presented material you will share our view and find it a worthwhile idea. Should you have further questions or would like to discuss we are ready to help.

Kind Regards,

Marius Moritz, Director
Patient Choice International Ltd