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Medical Hair

Medical Hair Poland was established in 1995 as a Polish-German hair transplant clinic. Initially, the clinic’s professionals were traind by and an already well experienced and long established Medical Hair GmbH from Stuttgart and they used identical, most efficient, hair transplant techniques. The fact that the majority of the personel in Medical Hair GmbH were Polish doctors allowed to continue the service in Poland at the highest medical level. Since the beginning it has successfully treated thousands of patients in their Warsaw, Berlin, Cracow and Lublin clinics.

In 1995 Medical Hair Poland was the first hair translplant clinic which introduced Follicoular Unit Transplantation,  FUT method. The method allows to transplant 0,9-1,1mm micrografts. Patient's hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, called follicular units.

In 2006, being on of the first few Clinics n Europe Medical Hair Poland introduced FUE method. Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as Follicular Transfer (FT) There are still very few surgeons and practices which have mastered follicular unit extraction because the procedure takes considerable time and expense to learn and to develop skills to a high standard.

In the years 2008/2009 Medical Hair Poland used two grade follicular units extraction using Safe Sribe device constructed be the famous American surgeon Dr. Harris.

Since 2010 Medical hair Poland has been using the only one then known in Europe specialised hair transplant deivce Follicular Unit Extractor. We use this on the European scale unique medical device which imitates humand hand by making rotational movements both ways while extrating follicular units. During a one day session up to 6.000 grafts can be obtained.

Being one of the very few in Europe we use NONSHAVEN/UNSHAVEN method which allows to obtain grafts from an occiput without shaving.

Thanks to the usage of MANTIS microscopes we control every extracted graft before implanting it into a patient’s scalp.


Range of services:

Medical Hair Poland is able to transplant

  • Up to 6.000 grafts using FUT
  • Uo to 4.000 grafts using NONSHAVEN
  • Up to 1.000 grafts using BHT