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Patient Choice International Ltd. cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of any medical treatment. Patient Choice International Ltd. employees neither practice medicine nor give medical or legal advice either directly or indirectly.

Patient Choice International Ltd. is not responsible for any travel arrangements.

Only when the service provider is satisfied the proposed treatment is applicable for the patient will therapeutic intervention be undertaken. The clinical judgements made will be to ensure the best possible treatment of the patient and to avoid inconvenience or reduce the risk of complications. Patient Choice International is not responsible for any refusal by clinicians to treat requested conditions if they deem them inappropriate to the service available.


Prior to the treatment, the hospital will hold a preliminary consultation with the patient, which will form the basis of an informed consent consisting of a) details of the nature and severity of the disease for which treatment is being offered, b) advice on the treatment options available, c) effects of no treatment, d) specific risks of the proposed treatment and e) risks of surgery in general.


The medical treatment prices include transport from and to the airport in Poland, consultation, diagnostic examinations, agreed treatment, hospitalisation. The treatment price does not include the cost of flights. The treatment price sometimes does not include the cost of prostheses or additional equipment. The treatment price dose not include the cost of additional consultations, treatment, hospitalisation or medication, which may be needed after being revealed during the patient stay or treatment. Should a need for such additional treatment arise the cost will be discussed with the patient.


The full payment must be made directly to the chosen hospital before the treatment.


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