The Coronavirus Disease 2019, (Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus) has placed tremendous stress on the global economy and healthcare systems. It has taken and continues to take many lives, leaves some with adverse health complications and has seriously affected the general wellbeing of many more since its outbreak in late 2019. According to the World Health Organisation(WHO) the number of confirmed Covid-19 infections has passed 58 million globally, with over 1.3 million deaths (as at November 2020). NatureResearch journal found that researchers have modelled how Covid-19 is unfolding in 86 countries and have found that official figures significantly understate the number of infections and deaths to date. It is projected that by March 2021 these 86 countries will have experienced nearly 300 million infections and over 2 million deaths. Despite numerous scientific activities carried out around the world, there is still no effective way to contain the virus.

Arthrogen's Discovery

Since the beginning of this pandemic, PCI has worked closely with Arthrogen GmbH- the inventor and developer of Autologous Gold-Activated Serum. This CE-Marked, medical, natural and side-effect free technology has proven to be extremely effective for numerous ailments, including musculoskeletal injuries and serious systemic auto-immune conditions. It was also observed that animal and human patients treated intravenously with enhanced serum became immune to viral infections. This led the inventors to arrange in-vitro studies with SARS-CoV-2, which were carried out by two independent German Universities in Munich and Regensburg. The experiments confirmed that Autologous Gold-Activated Serum acts as an anti-viral agent against  SARS-CoV-2. Following this discovery, it was concluded that the treatment has great potential to prevent the contraction of or mitigate the effects of contracting Covid-19 and influenza.

Science Behind The Discovery

There is solid evidence that the activation of autologous Gelsolin and other vital cytokines can have an antiviral effect, due to the stabilisation of the cell membranes. A wide range of literature supports the supposition that the potential application protects against viral infections. There are indications suggesting that Gelsolin in blood plasma (pGSN) has such a stabilising effect on the immune system. pGSN is significantly augmented during an incubation process of autologous blood in the presence of defined gold particles. This procedure has been available for many years in the form of a CE-approved medical device class IIb. This device is coated with gold micro-particles to create an enriched autologous serum for re-injection. The gold particles are separated and removed in order to prevent them from being administered into the patient. The mode of action of pGSN has thoroughly been studied and described in more than 2000 publications. Apart from its membrane stabilising capacity, pGSN shows other beneficial effects in reducing cell death, promoting cell mobility and notably reducing inflammation improving lung host defence against pneumonia and other lung diseases. From research the scientists were able to conclude that Autologous Gold-Activated Serum:

  • Has an anti-viral effect against SARS-CoV-2

  • Supports the immune system

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Promotes cell regeneration

Crowdfunding for Clinical Research

However great the Arthrogen discovery is it has no value unless its safety and efficacy are confirmed via formal clinical trials. Whilst we are determined to allow billions of people to benefit from this alternative, both Arthrogen and PCI are much too small to fund this clinical trial themselves. We have therefore created this crowdfunding project to allow people to make their own decision whether to support this idea. We hope that with your help we can raise the amount needed to do just this. We are looking for volunteers willing to financially support the research and also those willing to participate in this important Covid-19 Clinical Research.

Types of Clinical Research Needed 

  • Covid-19 Prophylaxis Clinical Trial - The trial will investigate the safety and efficacy of Autologous Gold-activated Serum for preventing  populations against Covid-19 virus infection - high rank randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled and multi-centric clinical trial.

  • Autologous Gold-activated Serum for Critical Patients with COVID-19 infections.

  • Efficacy and Safety of Intravenous Autologous Gold-activated Serum in Adult Patients with Severe Pneumonia caused by COVID-19 virus Infection – a randomised, double-blind, dexamethasone-controlled, multi-centric trial.

Safety of the Planned Clinical Trials

Covid-19 Clinical Trials will be conducted with the use of autologous (patient's own) serum enhanced by the use of safety approved (CE-Marked) class IIb medical device. The device has undergone a risk analysis subject to ISO 14971:2012, the positive assessment of which, in conjunction with the quality control of the manufacturing processes and the cross-departmental quality management of the manufacturer, which was established in ISO 13485:2016, and led to the approval of the safe and free marketing of the product. Therefore, risk posed by the treatment achieved with this medical device and/or that of incorrect handling must be considered to be extremely low.

Autologous Gold-Activated Serum vs Vaccines

According to the Immunisation Advisory Centre the practice of immunisation in the Eastern world dates back hundreds of years. In the West the first vaccine was used in 1796 to immunise against cowpox.

For over 200 years, millions of lives have been and continue to be saved thanks to vaccines.

Why should we consider the development of new immunisation technology?

  • The WHO listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019. According to The Telegraph, safety concern is the only reason why people do not take up vaccines and it is estimated that up to one third of people in the UK may refuse a coronavirus vaccine.

  • Regardless of potential side-effects or danger of vaccinations, a significant proportion of society who could opt for side-effect-free natural immunity treatment should be taken into consideration.

  • Unlike vaccines, which immunise against a particular strain of virus, and which in the case of e.g. flu need to be repeated, Arthrogen believes that Autologous Gold-Activated Serum could prevent the population against multiple types of viral infections. 

  • Unlike in the case of Autologous Gold-Activated Serum, vaccines are not suitable for everyone because of medical contraindications. 

We are asking for Your Support

We are asking you to share this information and for a donation to contribute to the development of a new scientific direction.  If this research proves to be successful it will revolutionise the way we could prevent dangerous viral diseases like Covid-19 and influenza from taking hold without safety concerns.

  • All charitable donors are very welcome. If you wish to support our research you may donate as little as £1 to help us reach the required £4M to cover the cost of running these clinical trials. However, if you donate more it will help us raise the funds to start the trial much sooner.

  • If you or your organisation donates £10,000 or more we will thank you by displaying your name or company logo in the sponsor's section on our crowdfunding project page. We hope and expect the project to go viral (in a good way!) so your generous support will be visible to all page viewers.

Our Promise

We will take every, possible action which will enable us to achieve the goal. These might include petition to the government to investigate the treatment and crowdfunding. The purpose of both is to create additional viable treatment option to tackle Covid-19 Pandemic for those unable to take the vaccine, or seeking viable alternatives. If we exceed the fundraising goal then any additional monies not used for these specific trials will be either spent on additional trial extension, or given in charitable aid to Unicef supporting the children in the 142 million families plunged into food poverty by the pandemic disruption. Add details about how the funding was spent would be publicly published at the end of the project.

Help us to help you and others and we promise to do our best to help rid the world of Covid-19. Thank you for your support!


Marius Moritz, Patient Choice International
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schneider, Arthrogen
Joe-Henry Schulte, Arthrogen
Dave Allen, Patient Choice International