Revolutionary Flexible Gel Prosthesis of Spinal Discs

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Safe. Effective. Relief.
Minimally invasive procedure

Percutaneous implantation of DISCOGEL® is an innovative and fully secure solution for the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar herniated discs under local anaesthesia.

This pocedure for discopathy (otherwise known as slipped, prolapsed, bulging or herniated disc) results in an immediate pain reduction up to 80% the following day in a vast majority of patients. Over 50,000 procedures have been performed since 2009 with almost 90% success rate.


Following an accident or repeated effort, the ring (located on the outside of the intervertebral disc) may be damaged. Herniated disc is a shift of the nucleus pulposus through this weakened area to the outside.

Such a prolapse, if it oppresses the nerve root exiting the spinal cord at a specific level, can cause pain in this area (spine pain, back pain, neck pain), which is often violent and lancinating. The symptoms can lead to paralysis, muscular atrophy and movement disorders.

DISCOGEL® is a gel implant impervious to X-ray based on ethanol and cellulose-derived products, injected percutaneously to the nucleus pulposus.

It's operation is based on two activities: mechanical, which causes the migration of the fluid inside the disc thanks to the hydrophilic properties of DISCOGEL® and decompression of neural structures and biochemical blocking the receptors that generate pain.



Please verify with your GP the radiological examination description and your overall conditions to have the first general qualification whether your health problems are inline with strict clinical indications for DISCOGEL® treatment as pointed out below:


  • Disc herniations in cervical, thoracic or lumbar segments of the spine

  • Not effective rehabilitation and/or farmacological therapy within last 2-3 months

  • Herniations grade 1-4 in Pfirmann clasification – contained disc, no tear in annulus fibrosis

  • Disc space not collapsed more than 50% versus initial, compared to adjacent levels above/below

  • Lateral MRI shows herniation bulging not larger than 40-50% of spinal canal


  • Rapid decompression of neural structures

  • One-day procedure - alternative to surgery

  • Short recovery time and returning to active functioning

  • Minimally invasive technique under local anesthesia

  • No postoperative scars

  • Possibility of treating hernias at multiple levels of the spine during one procedure

  • Full intraprocedural control using radioscopy, due to X-ray marker contained in DISCOGEL®

  • No possibility of leakage due to the gel structure of the implant

  • Without complications: sepsis, inflammation, postoperative pain

  • Protection of the surrounding tissues

  • Excellent tolerance: no allergic reactions

  • No equivalent technique on the market for symptomatic treatment or surgery

  • Maintaining the height of the inter-vertebral disc in time: no intradiscal oppression due to collapse

  • No complications (observations > 7 years)

  • No recurrence observed (observations > 7 years)

  • Available in the UK

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