Every year, more than 50 million people worldwide are affected by joint pain, half of them have articular cartilage damage. A topic in which everyone will be increasingly interested in the near future.

Meidrix is a medical bioengineering company which develops highly innovative collagen based implants for soft tissue regeneration. Their novel products are cell-free medical devices for the treatment of cartilage defects with just one surgical procedure . These products are the next generation of cartilage implants in the field of biomedicine. 

Improving Collagen - Improving Life.

Today, the focus on articular cartilage regeneration and joint preservation is based on state-of-the-art growth factors, scaffolds and biological matrices, cells and other joint maintenance techniques for traumatic defects and degenerative osteoarthritis. There are several types 

of improved techniques and modern treatments for cartilage repair and regeneration. New techniques and concepts are developed and designed not only to treat damaged or diseased joint cartilage by filling the defect with biological repair tissue, but also to receive processes of achieving regeneration to normal cartilage that gains long-lasting improvements and return to a fully active lifestyle. 

Despite the promising clinical results of procedures such as autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI/MACI), one of the serious disadvantages of this techniques are, that those are two-step procedures. A first surgery is needed to harvest a cartilage biopsy and a second surgery to implant the cultered cells with the support matrix into the defect. These methods are time-consuming and imply high costs. 


Therefore, there have been increasing efforts to develop a cartilage repair treatment based on a single-step, cell-free technique. A new approach is the use of a collagen gel, which is already well established as a cell-based method 

ChondroFiller liquid is the only patented injectable 3-dimensional chondro-conductive collagen matrix in a two chamber-syringe ready to use. The CE marked implant is a medical device class III, produced under GMP conditions. 


Cartilage repair and regeneration is recommended for joints that have damaged cartilage but are otherwise healthy. The ChondroFiller liquid technique is suitable for patients with cartilage damage or deterioration caused by trauma or injury, including sports injuries, repetitive strong stress of the joint, degenerative cartilage development like osteoarthritis and os-teochondritis

ChondroFiller Indications

  • Preserved cartilage shoulder 

  • Intact surrounding cartilage  Outerbridge classification grade III and IV

  • Intact corresponding surface (damage up to outerbridge grade II permitted)

  • Intact meniscus (partial resection up to max. ⅓ is possible)

  • Intact ligaments

  • Physiological leg axis < 5°

  • Free joint mobility

  • Patient age from 18 to 65 years and more (biological age of the joint is criteria)

  • Defect size up to 3 cm2

Verpackung 1,5 ml.JPG

ChondroFiller Liquid

ChondroFiller liquid is a dual chamber syringe made for the application of liquid collagen for defect sizes < 3 cm2.

The implantation can be done during an arthroscopy. About 3-5 minutes after the injection into the defect zone a dimensionally stable gel forms itself. Even hard to reach lesions, fissures and pores can be filled up by ChondroFiller liquid.

  • Just one procedure

  • Acellular; no 2nd procedure attaining a biopsy

  • Implantation during an arthroscopy

  • Liquid application of collagen

  • Good adaption to the defect zone

  • No fibrin glue

  • Easy handling

  • Short surgery time

ChondroFiller® and Goldic® are complementary for joint repair and functional regeneration providing both the physical foundation in the joint where cartilage is badly damaged or osteoarthritis is advanced, and true regeneration both of subsequent cartilage and tendons,  ligaments/muscles associated.  For more information on Goldic®... 
Goldic - Human - Orthopaedics

The healing process of an injured tissue goes through a complex and precisely controlled series of endogenous processes that are supported and accelerated by treatment with GOLDIC enriched serum.

Goldic - Sports Medicine

Searching for optimal, speedy recovery and quick return to everyday life, work and sports, GOLDIC® medical devices can help the attending physician to achieve these goals for his patients in a better way. The most common injuries are strains or sprains, broken bones, and bruises or superficial injuries.

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