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About Us

About Patient Choice International 

Patient Choice International Ltd was founded in 2015 on the principles of making medical care available and affordable and ensuring patients had choices on location, cost, and availability of procedures - this was about taking the patient to the treatment.

Subsequently since then - we have focused on looking at innovative medical devices and bringing them to the UK - we have now added future leaders Goldic®  and ChondroFiller® (cartilage repair & osteoarthritis) to our portfolio.


We offer supply and supporting information to medical and veterinary practitioners in order to ensure they have maximum choice in determining selection of treatment. 

Marius Moritz, Founder and Managing Director

While surgical and pharmacological interventions remain the main option for most patients, more and more patients are now looking for alternatives which produce similar or better results without surgery or side effects.


Orthobiologic treatments, which tackle inflammation and may prompt the body to regenerate are considered to be less risky and are side-effect-free. Regeneration in medicine refers to the functional and morphological recovery of a damaged tissue by the formation of new cells.

Latest research led to the invention of Goldic (Gold-Induced-Cytokines).



Dr Kevin Lotzof - Consultant Interventional Radiologist, 

Medical Advisor to Patient Choice International 

Dr Kevin Lotzof.png

Portfolio At A Glance


Latest medical devices offer the physician a new, innovative procedure to treat his patients with an individual and personal regenerative therapy


Preserving and fixing cartilage and articular joint issues with minimal invasive procedures. Aimed at cartilage repair and advanced osteoarthritis.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner
International Healthcare

We provide a personal service for people seeking safe, affordable and immediate professional medical and dental treatment abroad.

*Both diagnosis and therapy are strictly medical activities. The medical information contained on this website can under no circumstances replace the advice of a physician. We expressly point out that patients should always consult a doctor for medical questions or health problems in order to be advised and treated by him.

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