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Finding Treatments Abroad

Patient Choice International is an access point for information about the choice of healthcare providers, financial solutions and specialised insurance.  The philosophy is one of helping you get access to treatments aboard for either availability or cost purposes.

  • We liaise between hospitals, physicians and patients, passing necessary information to enable fast, safe and effective treatment.

  • We assist patients to obtain NHS Refund for treatment within EEA.

  • We provide patients with personalised assistance before their travel and during their stay abroad.

  • We can arrange for a specialised medical transport or coordinate a patient’s trip, if needed.

  • We can help to arrange a specially tailored Planned Overseas Medical Treatment insurance.

When disability, prolonged pain or psychological distress affect a patient's life, we offer an affordable solution now to help people to quickly return to health.


Areas of healthcare include orthopaedic, medical and dental services.

Who is the treatment abroad funded by?
  • Treatment can be paid for privately,

  • Reimbursed by the NHS,

  • Sometimes covered by Private Medical Insurance


Why is it worth considering treatment abroad?
  • It is an immediate alternative to waiting lists

  • It is cost effective (often as low as 30% of domestic services)

  • It can be reimbursed by the NHS

  • Hospitals have been selected according to the highest quality and safety standards.

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